Bicycle 🚲

This is in recognition of the importance of bicycles as a sustainable and healthy way to commute.

Being around for more than 200 years, only recently did it get the global recognition it deserves. Out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), 12 directly connect with the importance of bicycles and four of them link indirectly.

One of the main deterrents to more cycling is the perceived danger on major roadways with motor vehicle traffic. Thus, one of the most important approaches to increasing cycling has been to provide dedicated and protected bike lanes that will link cities in Metro Manila, complemented by interventions that enable a safe bicycle infrastructure and which promote bicycle parking areas in different establishments.

We must call for more national and local government strategies to establish bicycle masterplans in key areas of the metropolis to transition the country to a new, and better normal.

Cycling is also one way which can help cities and people thrive in a sustainable manner. Using bicycles as mode of transportation reduces air pollutants which cuts down greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. It also reduces noise pollution and congestion, reduces the need to build, service and dispose cars, and reduces your ecological footprint. Bicycles also conserve roadway and residential spaces, thereby providing more room for plant life in theurban areas.Apart from being environment-friendly, cycling is also a great cardiovascular exercise that can aid weight loss and improve heart health. It also facilitates social cohesion. Bicycles are cheap, flexible, personal modes which most in low-and middle-income sectors would be able to participate in the economy and community, or access education, healthcare and other urban services.

The lockdown has triggered social, economic and cultural lifestyle changes, many of which have had a significant impact on mobility patterns. Using bicycles has seen as a means of transport that allows for the required social distancing to be maintained, thus it seems to have a strong resurgence during this time.

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