Frontliners as heroes

In observance of the National Heroes’ Day this August 31, we pay homage not only to the heroes of the past but also to the unsung heroes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic β€” our frontliners, who are laying down their lives and deserved to be acknowledged for their bravery and relentless service during these unprecedented times. … Continue reading Frontliners as heroes

House bills on planting trees

The House of Representatives’ recently approved the two bills on final reading – the House Bill No. 6930 or the β€œFamily Tree Planting Act”, and the House Bill No. 6931 or the β€œGraduation Legacy for Reforestation Act”, which seeks to require individuals to plant a tree for every childbirth and graduation from senior high school … Continue reading House bills on planting trees

Plant-based diet vs climate change

Climate change poses a threat to the security of our food supply. Rising temperatures, increased rain and more extreme weather events will all have an impact on crops and livestock. But food production also contributes to global warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Climate Change and Land states that an … Continue reading Plant-based diet vs climate change

Sustainable lifestyle thru backyard gardening, waste segregation

Sustainability within households and communities must be promoted through backyard gardening, waste segregation, recycling, and upcycling, to ensure food availability and supply at home and address food security concerns and regenerate ecosystems functions. Urban gardening is one way to secure and ensure a steady supply of safe and nutritious food even in the most challenging … Continue reading Sustainable lifestyle thru backyard gardening, waste segregation

Proper management and disposal of single-use masks and PPEs

The COVID-19 pandemic sparks a surge in marine pollution due to the global increase in use of single-use masks, latex gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE), including alcohol and hand sanitizer bottles. In the years leading up to the pandemic, the experts had warned of the threat posed to oceans and marine life by plummeting plastic … Continue reading Proper management and disposal of single-use masks and PPEs

Embed sustainable recovery in the tourism industry

As the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruptions in the tourism industry, the public, businesses and industries must rethink their sustainability and adaptation plans and strategies, and rebuild with an environmentally-friendly approach to stimulate the recovery of the tourism sector. The year 2020 has been the most challenging year to date for the majority of the … Continue reading Embed sustainable recovery in the tourism industry