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New Blog Site

Hello guys. I’ve written some articles here thanks to my significant other who shared this account, and because I was inspired of her having a blog, I made a professional one, which will include deep thoughts and other provoking things. … Continue reading

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Smile Like You Always Do

They said that one of the most beautiful things in life is about smiling, as it shows the real beauty of someone in every way, their glow up, as it gives happiness to others. And I have always fond of … Continue reading

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Capturing the World with You

Riding across in this journey of a lifetime will never be the same without you. Hello, I do rarely post in this account, but I’ll make this one an exception to present her this special gift for my beloved bebe. … Continue reading

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Isa na naman sa maiinit na paksa ngayon ang tungkol sa nakakabahalang teenage pregnancy sa Pilipinas. Base sa ulat ng Commission on Population and Development na ang hawak na datos nila mula sa Philippine Statistics Office ay tumaas na naman … Continue reading

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360 v.0 (ongoing)

In life, there are things that do comes unexpectedly without us knowing, it gives various emotions that will swirl us, to the point that it will change our overall perspective on how we see things. Most of it, it will … Continue reading

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12.31.20 – 11:59:59

Wari mapaglaro ang tadhana sa ating pagtatagpo, ngunit sino ang mag-aakala na ito pala ang umpisa ng ating storya na puno ng halo halong emosyon na ang bumubulusok nang walang pakundangan habang lumilipas ang mga panahon. Ininda ang mapait na … Continue reading

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Love Language?

by: Liesianthes In today’s dating world, this one is becoming common as meeting new people where they can become our partner is now through online, which makes it difficult for someone to know if they have the compatibility factor. One … Continue reading

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