Capturing the World with You

Riding across in this journey of a lifetime will never be the same without you.

Hello, I do rarely post in this account, but I’ll make this one an exception to present her this special gift for my beloved bebe.

So here it is:

What is that? It is an ArcGIS online map which was developed by ESRI, which has the function of compiling and analyzing geographical data. This is being used for studies, although I transformed it for personal use and a gift.

On why I made something unusual on our 8th month is because it has a hidden meaning embedded on it. She’s someone who loves to travel a lot, we even have an argument about that, since I’m the type of a prudent one and she’s the one who wanted to create memories through travel, without giving much care on the expenses. It’s in the past and we already met in the middle and come to an understanding. With that, she introduced me the beauty of it and I did surely love it, also hooked by it. Within the span of a few months,we’ve been on tons of places, made moments together, having fun, and creating memories together and it doesn’t stop there, only being paused due to the pandemic ongoing right now.

Another thing to note is that the number 8 is a very special one because of one thing; rotating it by 90 degrees, either left or right will net a very special symbol, an infinity one. We may be in the middle of the pandemic that travel is highly restricted, but later on, it will be open again and when that time comes? We will conquer, the Philippines and the world full of our own adventures and never-ending memories together.

For those who are wondering, what made inspired on making this, it’s because of two things; First, I’m not really a fan of albums being uploaded in social media sites, as I have this mindset of what’s the use after uploading it and a few days of fame to receive reactions from fb friends. There’s also this dilemma that new friends will not be able to see that, unless and only if, they wanted to stalk you account, which in turn, it will just collect dust and will be buried under tons of albums. Second, I was inspired by John Hopkins Covid-19 tracker map. I really find it amazing and wow. So, here it is, an idea born from the combined things for this one to be made. If you want to make this also for your own, family, or your special someone, I can certainly say that this will cost you nothing at all. Just a few hours of self-learning, like what I did when I found out about this.

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