360 v.0 (ongoing)

In life, there are things that do comes unexpectedly without us knowing, it gives various emotions that will swirl us, to the point that it will change our overall perspective on how we see things. Most of it, it will shape us on moving forward. And this is where it all begin.

The morning comes with a ray of sun penetrating the thin curtain in a certain room

???: Babe, it’s already morning and you’re still sleeping?

???: *half awake* Just a little more babe, it’s weekends anyways.

???: *Geez* Of all the the days, you are forgetting this special day?

???: *confused* What day are you talking about?


She throws a huge pillow into his face which made him completely awake.

???: *Ouch* Why did you do that for?

???: And you still have the nerves of asking me that question?

???: Relax, I’m just joking. Of course, I won’t forget what we’re doing today.

He stands up but felt a little dizzy upon looking a spiral time poster.

???: Babe, what’s wrong?

???: No worries, I’m fine. It’s just that I feel a little dizzy.

???: Sorry, if I did you so hard.

???: It’s not about that, it’s just that. . . . that poster. . . *points out at the time poster in the room.

???: What about it Babe? Isn’t that we are both freaks when it comes to mind blowing things, reason why we bought that on our trip last year?

???: Did we really have it ever since?

???: Of course, silly, looks like you’re still sleeping that you can’t remember that one. Here’s let me wake you up. *gave him a sweet kiss on the cheeks*

???: Ohh, Babe, I do melt with your sweetness, ever since.

???: Hmph, here we go again with your sweet lines. We’re already engaged and planning to get married, so stop making jokes already.

???: I’m just being real you know, *hugs her on the back*

???: *removes his hand* Hey, hey, hey, it’s too early in the morning for that. Better fix yourself as the breakfast I prepared will get cold already. *pinches his cheeks*

???: *stomach rumbling* He he he he.


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