Love Language?

by: Liesianthes

In today’s dating world, this one is becoming common as meeting new people where they can become our partner is now through online, which makes it difficult for someone to know if they have the compatibility factor.

One of the defining factors is an indicator called the love language which was popularized by Gary Chapman, through his book during 1992 and only made waves recently, due to the influx of the modern level of communication.

So, what’s it’s all about. It states five ways that someone can express their romantic ways and how they received it. If I may so, it’s a great indicator, but I won’t discuss it any further as there’s already a post about that.

I, myself have recently become fond of it after discovering it, and made a test to show where I’m dominant at. Results show it’s at physical affection and quality time, which is nice? I mean, sure, yeah, but there’s really something bothering me about it ever since.

It’s not to brag or anything, but I can give everything and wanted to received everything at all. It’s weird, I know, and quite sure, I’m not alone on this dilemma. The test is not a series of questions that there’s a right nor wrong answer as it measures one’s personality when it comes to romantic relationship, so, everything should be selectable as an answer.

There’s now this problem that once you convey to others that you have everything, they won’t believe it, like what she kept insisting to me back then that there’s someone who should be on the who will stand above the rest. Nevertheless, there’s always an exception on the rule and that’s what this entry is for.

I kept thinking and wandering over on what is that, one can’t say that “I have the infinity gauntlet” of romantic relationships on expression and receiving of it. lol. And so, upon watching her last night sleeping, I already found out the answer on that.

The answer I found out was when someone has all the love language, the word that stand out above the rest is called “devotion.”

On why is that, let’s take this meaning from the Webster dictionary:
1: deep love or loyalty.
2: an act of giving (as effort or time) to something

It also states that the root word of based on Latin:
“When we take a vow, we pledge our devotion—whether to remain true to a partner, It should be no surprise then that devotion and its related verb devote come from the act of taking a vow.

“Both words originate from Latin devotus, which is the past participle of devovēre, a union of the prefix de– (“from”) and the verb vovēre (“to vow”). Devote was once used as an adjective that could mean either “devout” or “devoted.” While devout often connotes faithfulness of a religious nature, the adjective devoted conveys the sense of one’s commitment to another through love and loyalty.”

In contrast, being devoted on someone means encompassing all the love languages and transcending through its ceiling, as the conveyance compromised as one of the pillars when it comes to love.

When someone devoted his whole life to others, without affecting one’s life, it also follows that they are making that someone as their other half who would be there for them completely, in happiness, sadness, trials, challenges, and every part whatever they will experienced on their life.

What are the other pillars? I don’t have a clue on that as of now. I’ll make another entry after discovering on what are those.

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