Zero Emissions: Give our planet one day off a year

The Philippines heavily relies on fossil fuel imports, which account for almost half of the total primary energy supply. Power generation and transport represents the largest shares of greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector.

Electricity derived from fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to carbon emissions. The amount of energy consumed by modern society is staggering, with more and more power-hungry devices becoming part of people’s daily lives, and all these devices need to be charged and powered through the bulk of electricity generated globally is still fossil-fuel based, with only a small percentage generated through renewable sources such as solar, water and wind.

These emissions contribute to climate change, and in turn, climate change create conditions that cause catastrophic events. Our country is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change, which include sea level rise, increased frequency of extreme weather events, rising temperatures and extreme rainfall. It has witnessed a number of climate disasters for the past years including droughts, floods and storms.

We can all do our bit to limit our energy consumption in daily life. Everyday choices made by ordinary people hold the key to our efforts to reduce emissions and find more sustainable solutions.

Everyone can do these simple steps:
β€’ Choose to bike, walk, or take public transportation to work.
β€’ Plan a no-cook meal to eat.
β€’ Unplug non-essential electronics.
β€’ Instead of using phone, watching TV, or doing other activities that involve electronics take a walk or play a board game with your friend for fun.
β€’ Go to bed early to use less power from lamps, and consider lighting candles.
β€’ Socialize with family and spend the day with nature.


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