Going frugal and Eco-friendly in the new normal

Embrace the green movement by switching to frugal and Eco-friendly lifestyle as we live in the new normal.

This might seem contradictory, as many people assume that going green means spending more. People tend to avoid green options because of their busy schedules. But environmentalism does not only limit to protecting natural resources, reducing pollution, and helping save the planet. This can also come with personal benefits, as these changes we make can help us to save money.

Unfortunately, our concerns about sustainability might have been put aside during the current pandemic. Widespread quarantines shuttered most of the small businesses while leaving employers to determine whose jobs were essential and who would have to stop. The country’s financial conditions were already in a risky position because of high rates of unemployment, fluctuating markets, and rising debt levels.

But on the other hand, it is still possible to be Eco-friendly and frugal. By altering some of our daily habits, we can do our share to save the planet and combat climate change, all while saving money and stress. All of these tips are easy to do. Anyone can do them with little to no investment.

Make smart food choices. This is not only limited to choosing organic products. Instead, we can produce our own food by planting vegetables and fruits by means of backyard gardening. Aside from that, food waste can be compost and converted into fertilizer. Refrigerate leftover foods to avoid spoiling. Meanwhile, unused fruits and vegetables can be converted into a new product to preserve and maximize its lifespan (for example, tomatoes can be made into salsa.)

Skip single-use products. We live in a society in which we purchase items that we only use once, like plastics, bottled drinks, etc. By replacing this single-serve habit by using ecobags, or bringing your own water jug, this reduces the burden of plastic pollution. This will save money, as these products can be reused over and over again. Use that same mindset to eliminate or minimize the usage of other single-serving products, such as using of towel/handkerchief instead of tissue roll, bringing own utensils instead of using plastic spoon and fork, etc. These are small adjustments which will add up to big results.

Reassess mobility options. Every morning, millions of us take solo car trips from home to work. In the evening, this reverse the process. This adds a tremendous amount of pollution to the air and carbon emissions as well. Thus, the CCC promotes sustainable urban mobility through usage of bicycles.

A frugal economy strives to create more economic, social, and ecological value simultaneously while wisely optimizing the use of all available resources. This aims to do better with less by making the most of all existing resources to maximize the value for all stakeholders. A frugal economy responds to the needs of cost-conscious consumers hard-hit by the pandemic and seeking a healthier and more Eco-friendly lifestyle in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Going green provides a great opportunity to do things better, from planning and preparing to transform home and habits, to altering the budget to suit to new lifestyle. An Eco-friendly lifestyle enhances the quality of our life. Meanwhile, it offers a chance to cut back on our carbon footprint, reduce waste, embrace healthier habits and save money on the things we don’t need.


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