Frontliners as heroes

In observance of the National Heroes’ Day this August 31, we pay homage not only to the heroes of the past but also to the unsung heroes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic β€” our frontliners, who are laying down their lives and deserved to be acknowledged for their bravery and relentless service during these unprecedented times.

We commended the modern-day heroes, who don’t wear capes to save people, but wearing protective medical suits instead. The medical workers, policemen, and volunteers, even non-medical frontliners, particularly those who continue basic services to satisfy the essential needs of the public β€” from grocery storekeepers and pharmacists to bank employees and food delivery crew.

It today’s responsibility to take up the role and fight for our survival and progress β€” against pandemic, recession and climate change.

We must unite and be resilient as the country recovers from this pandemic worsened by the impacts of climate change, and to protect the sovereignty and natural resource of the nation so that the next generation of Filipinos will survive and thrive in a sustainable environment.

We must learn to adopt sustainable practices to manage the limited resources while we continue living free and independent in a peaceful and independent country.


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