House bills on planting trees

The House of Representatives’ recently approved the two bills on final reading – the House Bill No. 6930 or the “Family Tree Planting Act”, and the House Bill No. 6931 or the “Graduation Legacy for Reforestation Act”, which seeks to require individuals to plant a tree for every childbirth and graduation from senior high school (SHS) or college, respectively.

House Bill No. 6930 or the “Family Tree Planting Act” mandates all expectant parents residing in the country, whether legally married or not, to plant two trees for every child born to them in the premises of own home or in a designated area in their barangay, with the approval of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and must be done within 30 days after the child’s birth. If enacted, this will be a requirement for for the parents to claim the newborn’s birth certificate.

While House Bill No. 6931 or the “Graduation Legacy for Reforestation Act” mandates graduating SHS and college students to plant two trees in areas in their locality designated by DENR, in coordination with the concerned local government unit and the schools, colleges, and universities. If enacted, this shall be added among the requirements for the students’ graduation.

These two bills aim to protect and preserve the environment and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.

This measure will surely help increase the awareness of Filipinos, particularly the families and the youth, on the environmental concerns especially the role of trees in mitigating climate change, as these trees increase the soil’s water retention in watersheds, prevent landslides, and protect and restore the ecosystems and natural biodiversity of landscapes in our communities.

According to the DENR, a single tree can sequester 0.56 metric tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime, and around 10 trees are needed to capture the emissions of just one car.

Through these bills, the promotion of local greening would be actively sustained. Moreover, we must plant the right species in the right area where it can grow and thrive, as it’s not just about planting the tree seedlings, but the parents and graduating students should ensure that these trees survive.


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