It wasn’t.

August 1, 2020.

He wasn’t any prince charming nor was she a princess. It wasn’t even some storybook kind of tale. They were both in distress and they met up after being the knights of their own stories.

It wasn’t about saving someone and being saved that had them end up together. It was saving themselves and meeting each other after the exhausting battle of knowing, fixing and building up who they are. It was finding their purpose, their own completion before wanting to give everything to someone else.

It wasn’t about being lost and being found. It was wandering around for they knew where home would be.

It wasn’t about the desperation of being taken care of. It was wanting to look after someone else.

It wasn’t about giving something away for what they want to receive. It was about being able to give someone what they truly deserve.

It wasn’t really about searching either. It was about having themselves ready to share when they met and actually found each other.

It wasn’t a smooth sail but it was a hell of an adventure.

All the chaos couldn’t compare to the calm and rest they found in each other’s arms.

After everything they’ve been through, it was enough. It was worth it.

It was love.

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