I’m that unpopular yet expensive book you see on the shelves of a bookstore that almost no one ever picks up. I don’t have a pretty cover, my story isn’t the typical fairy tale that people love to read. Unlike the bestsellers on the shelves, I also have not given out the important parts of my story on my back cover. One of my greatest fears is to be judged by people without them knowing the entire story, and why would anyone ever want strangers to see their important parts, anyway? Someone’s story is a deep ocean of secrets – or at least that’s how I want to look at mine.

You see, my story may never be turned to a movie and my title may never be on any bestseller chart. I may just collect dust on my shelf for a long time, but I promise you’ll never see me at a discounted price. I don’t believe that someone’s value should go down just because people don’t appreciate them. I know my worth. I know someone would eventually see through my dull cover, pick me up, be intrigued with the mystery of what few sentences I only allowed them to read and then check my price tag last. That someone might find me expensive, but I’m willing to be hidden behind a pile of crap and wait for the day when that person has finally saved enough to get me. When that day comes and that person opens me up and flips my pages with the utmost care, I promise to tell my tales and secrets from dusk until dawn.

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  1. Joana says:

    Wow! Powerful metaphor ❀️



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