Daylight πŸŒ…

A short story from reputation and lover.

You’re so gorgeous…

They were having parties with common friends and she already had a crush on him, she used to hate him because of this feeling. She hated the fact that she couldn’t have him so she started to ignore him and then he had the audacity to touch her hand out of nowhere.

I think he knows…

After that, they started chatting and soon they became friends. Also. there was always a strong tension between them but they were hesitant to talk about it. Well somehow their actions spoke and they did what they had to do.

It’s a cruel summer with you…

They decided that they will become friends. She told him that there would be no rules in this relationship and they would not fall for each other. It would be an unbreakable heaven because you can’t break something that wasn’t made at the first place.

The problem was that she herself was falling for him but she couldn’t tell him about it, because she thought it would affect their relationship & she didn’t want to lose him. She didn’t want to keep it a secret either just so she can keep him. so she finally said it, as she should.

Isn’t it delicate?

She was unsure of whether he’d like her back or not because her reputation was the problem. She started wondering about if he dreams about her or not.

She was also jealous of him seeing the other girls back at home. She claimed that they couldn’t touch him the way she did. She didn’t want to share him & would always ask him to stay the night with her. She would always pretend that he was hers for the whole damn time.

Only bought this dress so you could take it off…

No one knew about their relationship, not even their close friends. Their friends used to think that they are just friends but who’s gonna tell them that she didn’t want him as a best friend. So they had to stay away from each other to avoid the suspicion, but there was always this tension about when it was going to end so they could do what they wanted to do. He was always trying to see the good side of her.

I rent a place on Cornelia Street…

Now somehow even after her confession, their game was going strong. She rented a place so they can play on. They made many memories there and it was going all good but after some days she felt that she was becoming very serious about this relationship but he was not so serious. She thought he was leading her on. So she decided to end this. She packed her bag and decided to leave the place before he’d even know. She was on her way but suddenly he called from behind and confessed about his feelings.

So call it what you want to…

Finally, both of them confessed, it was all a happy happy relationship and they decided to keep it to private. She asked him if he would run away with her and he said yes. After that they went somewhere and everyone didn’t see her for sometime.

But we were dancing with our hands tied…

Then everyone found out! They started digging about her relationship. She knew it couldn’t go any further. Everything started to fall apart and she had a bad feeling that it’d end. BUT STILL THEY WERE DANCING.

And all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for, king of my heart…

She’s in a very happy place right now. She’s happy that they went from friends to this.

Meet me in the afterglow…

There’s never a perfect happy ending in real life. there will always be complications in every relationship. They’ll have to overcome it with their love, trust and passion.

And now I see daylight…

She has found her real love avoiding all the chaos of a bad reputation. β™₯


I am now opening the curtains to see the clearest, brightest daylight after the darkest night.

credits to @repromantics

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