One year, or three hundred sixty-five earth days around the sun is called a revolution.

Exactly two revolutions ago, we are in different orbits, yet we met and found each other. We sat under the stars and talked about our feelings without filter. I looked into your eyes and thought they were far more amazing than the stars. Little did I knew that this journey will be full of false hopes. And sweet lies.

One revolution ago, you were still with me. Though I already know that this journey will soon come to end, as you were about to revolve in someone’s universe. The light slowly faded in your eyes. The conversations turned dry. The coldest nights became warmer than the love. My world shattered as it only revolves in you and you alone ever since. You were my world, but I wasn’t yours.

Now, another revolution has passed, I am now in a different galaxy. It was huge, it was bright, it was wonderful. I am free.

Yet you, you were still in the same dark orbit you’ve been through before. How many revolutions would you still need before you learn?


There’s always this one person that will come in your life that will change your beliefs on things you once strongly believe on. A person who will make you feel weak again and makes you depend on them, but suddenly will later on leave you broken in the end.


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