100+ Questions

Ang hihirap sagutin ng mga tanong.

  1. What’s your favorite strategy for avoiding tough situations? Literal na avoid, tinatakasan ko haha
  2. How often do you do things just for the attention? Heto nagpapaka-victim ako.
  3. Would you prefer to be manipulated or to be the manipulator? I’m always manipulated so…
  4. What did your previous partners always tell you to do more of? Talk, maging sweet
  5. What did your previous partners always tell you to do less of? Magdahilan ng mali?
  6. Who do you look to blame when things go wrong? Sarili ko syempre
  7. What is the one thing people assume about you that you wish was true? Magaling ako mag-english.
  8. What is the one thing people assume about you that you wish wasn’t true? Malandi ako HAHAHAHA
  9. When was the last time you lied to protect your image? Ngayon, habang sinasagot ang mga tanong na ito hahahaha
  10. How often do you put on a happy face when you’re really not feeling it? Pag nagtatrabaho ako pero I’m about to break down na naman.
  11. When do you think you began putting your guard up so much? Dito sa pangalawang jowa ko.
  12. Who made you feel most anxious when you were a kid? Kuya 😦 
  13. How do you speak about others when they’re not around? I’m not talking about them.
  14. What aspect of your life are you most delusional about? LOVE
  15. How often do you admit you were wrong? minsan lang
  16. Which one of your biggest flaws do you like to rationalize the most? na hindi ako magbabago para sa ibang tao?
  17. Is it your fear of commitment or your fear of intimacy that makes you shut down more? yeah?
  18. At what stage of a relationship are you most likely to withdraw emotionally? post-relationship
  19. What is the one compliment you always get that you’re too embarrassed to accept, so you deflect it? MAGANDA AKO.
  20. What would your ex say is your worst habit? Magmayabang siguro haha
  21. What is the one insecurity you’re pretty sure has some basis in reality? Teka, san nga ba ako naiinsecure, parang wala naman.
  22. When was the last time you felt really insecure about the parts of yourself you pretend don’t exist? my teeth
  23. What is the most interesting white lie you’ve told? “I can have another you in a minute.”
  24. Do you ever feel like an imposter? ALWAYS
  25. Do your friends know how competitive you are? HAHA OO
  26. What’s the worst part about being in a relationship? Pag nagsisinungaling na siya sayo 🙂
  27. What’s the hardest part about dating nowadays? Personally nahihirapan na akong maniwala sa iba.
  28. What’s the hardest thing about being rejected? Umaasa ka pang may pag-asa ka sa kanya kahit sinampal ka nang wala na nga.
  29. How do you deal when you know you’re being irrationally jealous? Di ko siya kinakausap.
  30. How do you deal when you know someone’s not willing to give you what you want? Ah okay lang.
  31. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever wanted someone to do to you in bed? Hug me. Naked.
  32. Are you ever afraid of people knowing who you really are? Yes 😦 
  33. If you went to a therapist today, what would they say is holding you back the most? “Ah yung ex niyan.”
  34. When was the last time you lowered your standards just to get someone else’s approval? Right at this moment.
  35. What do you like most about being a flirt? I can have another someone in a minute 😉
  36. Is it fun using your sexuality to get what you want? NO
  37. Is your need for revenge greater than your need for peace? MINSAN OO
  38. Have you stopped trying to control things yet? NGAYON NGA DI KO NAKOKONTROL BUHAY KO EH
  39. Which parts of yourself do you still seek validation for? LOVE
  40. How do you cope with being unfairly ignored? Umiiyak ako hahahaha
  41. Do you like punishing yourself for things that are out of your control? YES
  42. What did your co-workers say was your biggest problem when communicating? Di ko mabuo yung thoughts ko.
  43. Are you okay with not knowing what happens next? Ok lang.
  44. Will you ever feel okay with being imperfect? yes
  45. Does sabotaging yourself give you an odd sense of comfort? minsan
  46. How do you feel about being disliked by some people? Okay lang!
  47. Are you afraid of missing out on love because you were always looking for the next best thing? Hala ganun na ba ako 😦
  48. What’s the strangest thing you’ve done just to avoid failure? I CAN’T AVOID FAILURE IT HAUNTS ME.
  49. What is the biggest risk you’ve taken just to prove yourself? Di pa naman ako umaabot sa point na to.
  50. What’s the boldest thing you do every day, just to feel like you’re still in control? I GOT NO CONTROL.
  51. What accusation would you defend yourself most fiercely against, even though you know it’s true? na side bitch ako 😦 na hindi ko kayang mabuhay na walang landi
  52. What’s the most toxic thing about yourself you actually kind of secretly like? MA-ATTACH SA KUNG SINO-SINO
  53. How much do you enjoy being in control? I GOT NO CONTROL NGA
  54. When do you give yourself permission to lose control? Lagi nga akong walang kontrol
  55. What guilty pleasure are you currently justifying to yourself? Di ako nagtu-toothbrush bago matulog.
  56. What is the most passive-aggressive way you’ve dealt with your rage? MAGPOST AT MAGPATAMA SA BLOG NA ITO.
  57. What is the pettiest and most immature way you’ve avoided losing face? BINLOCK KO
  58. What’s the worst habit you have that rewards you the most? Worst habit = dugyot ako haha. Reward = hindi masyadong napapansin ng mga manyakol.
  59. How do you get your needs met when you’re alone? Nakukuntento na lang ako sa kung anong meron ako??
  60. Are you more emotionally stable when you’re single or in a relationship? Emotionally stable ako pag nasa relationship ako.
  61. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to please people? Spend money on them
  62. What is the most ridiculous way you’ve rebelled? Pinababayaan ko yung sarili ko.
  63. What’s your favorite way to channel your aggression? This blog.
  64. What’s the most shallow trait in a person you’re willing to give up your standards for when you’re dating someone? NARCISSIST.
  65. How do you cope with being betrayed? Umiiyak, as usual.
  66. How quickly do you get over an ex, even if you remain friends with them? HOW???
  67. Are you okay with disliking someone? Why not?
  68. What is your favorite form of self-destruction? Hindi ako kumakain.
  69. What’s the one thing you struggle most to manifest in your life? COMMUNICATION SKILLS
  70. What’s the one thing that you manifest so easily, people are jealous of it? MATH
  71. What’s the most irrational reason you’ve ever had for disliking someone? Ah, ang plastik niya ngumiti.
  72. What’s the most taboo fantasy you’ve ever had? Emergency exit sex?
  73. What is one fear that you’d be ashamed of your friends knowing about? Pag nalaman nila yung wild side ko?
  74. Which one of your deepest secrets do you think is the least common? Na nangungupit ako nung bata ako?
  75. What’s the most irrational reason you’ve liked someone? Ah kasi mabango siya.
  76. How do people normally know you have a crush on them? Nalalaman naman agad nila yon, sinasabi ko eh. Or pag putol putol ako magsalita pag kausap siya.
  77. How do people normally find out you hate them? Sinasabi ko rin sa kanila hahahaha
  78. What is your go-to strategy to deflect criticism, even constructive criticism? Iniisip ko na lang hindi naman namemersonal to.
  79. How do you divert from someone calling you out on something you’re afraid to own? Iniisip ko na lang din na constructive criticism to.
  80. What is one thing you’re afraid to own about yourself that others have already pointed out to you? na side bitch ako, na hindi ko kayang mabuhay na walang landi??
  81. What is one thing people always get wrong about you? na matalino ako sa lahat ng bagay?
  82. What emotion motivates you the most when you’re down? Pag alam kong sasahod na ako.
  83. What emotion makes you want to give up? Jealousy.
  84. Are people shocked when you stand up for yourself? Oo.
  85. How often do you say yes to the things you really want to say yes to? Always
  86. How often do you say no to the things that make your skin crawl? Depende.
  87. What shallow aspects of a person do you focus on even at the expense of seeing their true self? Honesty at loyalty
  88. How far are you willing to go to maintain a relationship, even an unhealthy one? Tinotolerate ko kahit mali 🙂 
  89. What is the one thing you always do not because you like it but because you want someone’s approval? Magmake up? Mag-ayos?
  90. What would be the one thing you’d be willing to give up just to be loved? Sarili kong desisyon siguro, lahat iaasa ko na sa kanya.
  91. What is the worst way someone’s ever abandoned you? ginhost ako?
  92. What is the worst way you’ve ever abandoned yourself? Ginugutom ko sarili ko.
  93. How do you entertain yourself when you’re not around people? I SING A LOT
  94. Are you happier alone because you enjoy being alone or because you prefer it to being surrounded by horrible people? I prefer it not to being surrounded by horrible people.
  95. What is the one trait you look for that tells you this person is compatible with you? Di ko maexplain yung exact trait, pero when someone touches my soul, pag naramdaman mo yung connection, when he knows you so well kahit bago pa lang kayong magkakilala, ganon haha.
  96. What habit do you know you could quit but don’t want to? Maging marupok hehe.
  97. What is your favorite strategy for avoiding difficult people? Umabsent.
  98. What is your favorite strategy for avoiding conflict? Tumakas.
  99. What is the weirdest thing that gets you angry? Naalala ko nagalit ako non kasi ang kulit niya, pero mababaw lang naman yon?
  100. What is the weirdest thing that makes you sad? Umiyak ako kasi ang tagal niya dumating.
  101. What do you love most about your sexuality? Pinapaupo agad sa bus?
  102. What do you hate most about your sexuality? Kailangan ko magmake up at mag ayos lagi kahit ayaw ko
  103. What part of your sexuality do you repress the most? Lust??
  104. How often do you take responsibility for other people’s crappy behavior? PALAGI HA HA HA HA
  105. When are you most likely to shut people out? Pag wala na silang pakinabang.
  106. Which insecurity would shock people if they knew about it? Insecure ako sa mas mabait sakin?
  107. What do you find yourself justifying to people, even when no justification is needed? Pag may mga ka-chat ako?
  108. When was the last time you tried to please someone who made you angry? Nag-sorry ako kahit siya yung may kasalanan non.
  109. What do people often tell you need to focus more on? Career, self-love
  110. What do people often tell you need to focus less on? Other people, love
  111. What is the one thing that could make you happy, but you refuse to do it because you’re afraid of what others would think? Umalis sa environment na to at magtravel mag-isa.


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