250 Questions

Eto pa isa. wahahahahaha

  1. What’s one thing that’s happened to you that has made you a stronger person? Di pa rin ako strong ngayon tbh.
  2. What’s one thing that’s happened to you in your life that made you feel weak? Breakup
  3. Where is one place you feel most like yourself? Sa inuman hahahaha
  4. Where is your favorite place to escape to? Cubao haha de wala lang masarap lang mag-inom doon
  5. Who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today? Taylor Swift, naging atechona ako dahil sa kanya hahaha.
  6. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Sana mas maiexpress ko ng madali yung mga gusto kong sabihin.
  7. If you had one day left to live, what would you do first? Maglilinis at itatapon na yung mga gamit ko haha
  8. What decade do you feel you most belong in?  2010
  9. Who are you closest to in your family? Why? wala
  10. Who is the one person in this world that knows you best? Ex-bestfriend ko. Ex-boyfriend ko. Sad.
  11. When you were younger what did you think you were going to be when you grew up? CPA or Inhinyera.
  12. If you could identify with one fictional character (from a book, show, or movie) who would it be? Sadness (Inside Out)
  13. Do you easily accept compliments? Or do you hate compliments? Awkward ako.
  14. Is your favorite attribute about yourself physical or non-physical? Non-physical. Wala namang magandang physical sakin eh hahahaha
  15. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself? My fingers ☺
  16. What is your favorite non-physical attribute about yourself? My brain.
  17. Do you believe in love at first sight? no
  18. Do you believe in soul mates?  Di naman ako aasa ng ganito, di kami pagtatagpuin out of nowhere, kung matatapos din agad agad yung kwento namin.
  19. How seriously do you take horoscopes? Pag compatible ba si Cancer kay Sagittarius, ganern.
  20. Have you ever been in love? How many times? DALAWA
  21. What makes you fall in love with someone? Yung amoy ng pabango niya hihi. De nung natest yung patience niya, dun ako nafall hehe
  22. What does vulnerability mean to you? What has the ability to make you vulnerable? Pag hinayaan mong kontrol na niya yung buhay mo haha (I mean sa decision-making, siya yung biggest factor mo)
  23. What’s one thing you’re scared to ask a man, but really want to? Maganda ba ako?
  24. If you were a man for a day, what would be the first thing you do? Kakanta ako, titingnan ko kung maganda na ang boses ko pag naging lalaki na ako.
  25. What do you find most attractive about each sex? Pag mabango ugh
  26. What’s one thing you’d love to learn more about? Maging fluent ang communication skills
  27. What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do? Magperform sa harap ng maraming tao.
  28. Why haven’t you done it yet? Kasi hindi ako marunong kumanta at sumayaw ☺
  29. If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be? Pianista or DJ
  30. If you had off from work today, what would you do? Gumala sa kung saan-saan.
  31. What was the last thing that made you cry? Nung ghinost ako hahahahaha
  32. What was the last thing that made you laugh? Pag naaalala ko si crush hihi
  33. What is your favorite memory? Everything from 24k Magic Tour.
  34. What’s the last thing that REALLY embarrassed you? Yung umattend ako ng meeting, tapos na, hindi ako nainformed na nagstart pala ng maaga yung meeting.
  35. What is your biggest fear? Malunod sa dagat.
  36. Do you have any regrets? What’s your biggest one? Meron, sana pala nag BS ako instead of AB. Hirap na hirap tuloy ako mag-apply ngayon.
  37. Have you ever broken a law? If you haven’t what is one law you’d love to break? Mamirata ng album.
  38. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Maghintay ng ilang oras?
  39. Would you have a conversation with a stranger? Ilang beses ko na to ginagawa tbh.
  40. Would you tell a stranger they have toilet paper hanging from their shoe? Or their dress tucked into their underwear? (Or anything else that is embarrassing to be seen in public)? Oo naman!
  41. What’s your favorite joke? Yung mahalin ako hahahahaha joke lang ata yon, charot.
  42. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Cat!!
  43. If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? Cat! or kambing.
  44. What’s one show, movie, or book, you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoy? Eat Bulaga hahahahaha
  45. How do you think your parents would describe you as a child? Tamad gumawa ng gawaing bahay ☺
  46. If you could go back to any age or time of your life, what age or time would it be? 11 years old. 2007.
  47. What’s something you believe in that not everyone else does? Yung iiyak ka talaga later after mo maging sobrang masaya.
  48. What’s one thing you would say that makes you unique from other people? Patience
  49. What is one thing you feel your life is missing?  Hahahahahahahahahaha pera.
  50. What’s your favorite inspirational quote? Ecclesiastes 3:11
  51. Which college course (or high school class) did you find the most engaging? PHILIPPINE HISTORY
  52. How many books do you read per month? wala
  53. Who is the smartest person you’ve ever met? Bukod sa sarili ko hahahahahaha, wala haha yabang lol.
  54. What’s the most interesting autobiography that you’ve ever read? Di ako mahilig magbasa ng ganyan eh.
  55. What childhood event do you think impacted you most as a person? Pag pinapagalitan kami lagi ni kuya kapag nalalasing siya.
  56. If you had to give a commencement speech at a college, what would you tell the graduates? Wag kayong magmadali. Lahat tayo iba-iba ng golden time.
  57. Which newspaper (or website) do you get your news from? ABS-CBN news.
  58. Which fiction author would you love to sit down and have a chat with? Wala akong kilalang fiction author hahahaha puro non-fictional kasi binabasa ko.
  59. What do you wish you cared less about? LOVE
  60. Do you believe in fate or free will? Fate pa rin.
  61. Do you prefer crosswords or word searches? Word search
  62. What cliche saying do you hate hearing the most? It’s not you. It’s me. You deserve someone better 😥
  63. Is there a film that changed your entire outlook on life? Opo, 3 Idiots.
  64. Do you consider yourself a good person? NO
  65. Who (or what) gives you the most motivation? Pag alam kong sasahod na ako hahahaha, tsaka pag papasok na siya ng office 😍
  66. Do you believe in karma? Oo, to the point na etong mga nangyayari sakin ngayon, karma yan.
  67. Do you take better care of your mind or your body? Mind, obviously.
  68. What profession do you have the most respect for? Teachers
  69. Did your mother or father teach you more about life? Sadly, no 😦
  70. What subject do you know the most about — aside from the one you majored in? PHILIPPINE HISTORY
  71. Which song lyric speaks to you the most? “You wear your best apology, but I was there to watch you leave. And all the times I let you in, just for you to go again.”
  72. Do you prefer to type or write with a pen? type
  73. What’s the worst time period that you could possibly travel back to? 2013
  74. What do you daydream about? Kung ano ang mangyayari sakin pag nagkaasawa ako.
  75. What television or movie character do you feel a bond with? Sadness (Inside Out)
  76. Have you ever had an out of body experience? no
  77. Do you lie to yourself? Siguro?
  78. Which invention would be impossible to live without? Internet, cellphone, at wet wipes.
  79. If past lives existed, what do you think yours was? Scammer siguro ako noon, haha. O kaya Queen Victoria.
  80. What was the most interesting documentary you’ve ever seen? Nakalimutan ko na yung title, pero about World War II siya.
  81. What do you think the most impressive thing about the universe is? Evolution never stopped.
  82. How important is money to you? Depressed ako pag wala akong pera hahahahaha
  83. Do you think you could survive life in prison? No
  84. Which one of the five senses do you deem most important? Sense of sight.
  85. What’s your favorite constellation? wala
  86. What was the most stimulating discussion you’ve ever had? Marcos o Aquino // DDS and dilawan shits hahahahaha
  87. Do you have a hunch about how you’re going to die?  Masasagasaan ako sa sobrang katangahan.
  88. Are you proud of yourself? NO
  89. Would you rather explore space or the deep sea? Explore space.
  90. What’s your spirit animal? Cat!!
  91. How often do you pray, if ever? Di ko maexplain yung how often, basta I do it whenever I wanted to.
  92. What’s the most fascinating random fact you know? Birds don’t urinate.
  93. Is there any motivational speech from a celebrity that sticks out in your mind?  Yung Reputation prologue, at “Why she disappeared” poem.
  94. Do you trust your head or your heart more? Heart syempre, kaya tayo nasasaktan eh haha
  95. What genre of books do you prefer?  Non-fiction
  96. Do you enjoy films with subtitles? YES
  97. Do you consider yourself to be an intelligent person? Sa Math. oo.
  98. What is the real story behind the last Instagram picture you posted? Ah someone took a photo of me (kasi lagi na lang ako ang nagpipicture, tas wala man lang nagpipicture sakin)
  99. What do you consider the most beautiful word in the English language? Alexythmia
  100. Do you screenshot the sweet texts that people send you? What is the last one you’ve received? Oo, masarap daw ako magkiss ahahahahahaha landi amp.
  101. If you competed on a game show, which charity would you play for? Animal charity.
  102. What is the last thing you wrote by hand instead of typed? Hmmmm sinulat ko yung “Babawi ako sayo sa susunod ♥.” tas binigay ko sa kanya 🙂
  103. Which song do you always end up playing during long drives? STYLE!!!!! tsaka STOCKHOLM SYNDROME
  104. If you had to guess, what color is your aura? RED
  105. Do you know your love language? QUALITY TIME!!
  106. Which romantic gesture do you believe is overrated? Yung mga promises tsaka mga pangarap na sabay daw bubuuin hahahahahaha paasa kayo!!
  107. What small act of kindness do you believe is underrated? Handwritten letters ♥
  108. Which piece of makeup gives you the most confidence? Lipstick
  109. What is the one compliment that people always seem to give you? “Gurl ang ganda ng kamay mo. Sana kamay ka na lang.”
  110. When was the last time you gave someone a second chance? HAHAHAHAHA di ako naniniwala sa second chance.
  111. What is something you wish more people knew about you? Takot talaga ako makipagsocialize huhu wag nyo ko ijudge, wag nyo ko pilitin.
  112. Do you hope to grow up to become more like your mother or your father? I think more like mama, matalino pero tanga tanga din sa pag-ibig haha
  113. What has changed the most about you since graduating high school? Dati masipag ako, ngayon tamad tamad na ko.
  114. Which milestone are you most proud of reaching thus far? Milestone na ba yung makarating sa kung saan-saang lugar?
  115. When was the last time you complimented a complete stranger? Nung sinabi kong masarap yung calamares na kinakain ko dun sa tindero.
  116. Which pet name do you find the cutest (sweetie, honey, babe, etc.)? Ginagawa kong pet name yung first name niya haha ang cute kasi
  117. Do you have trouble accepting compliments? Na-aawkward ako di ko alam sasabihin ko pabalik aaaaaa
  118. Who is the strongest woman that you personally know? Tita ko
  119. Where do you escape to when you want peace and quiet? Sa rooftop ng Bohol
  120. Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever experienced one? Milagro na yung nagka-jowa ulit ako hahahahaha
  121. If you wrote a book, who would you dedicate it to? Sa lahat ng mga naging crush ko, kalandian ko HAHAHAHA
  122. Which emojis do you use the most? 😤😒😏
  123. Do you feel comfortable in silence? YASSSS
  124. Does your family have any nicknames for you? Wala po.
  125. What do you think about more than you should? Ex ko. hehe.
  126. Do you consider yourself a romantic or a skeptic? Skeptic!!
  127. What is the kindest thing another person has ever done for you? Nung mga panahong nalulugmok ako, binibigyan niya ako ng notes for inspiration. Di ko inexpect yun mula sa kanya ah.
  128. What is your favorite candle scent to fill your home wih? Di kami nagga-ganun sa bahay. Pero gusto ko amoy Sampaguita yung bahay namin.
  129. What is the most surprising item on your bucket list? Surprise na ba yung magkaroon ng asawa haha
  130. Do you believe you have a greater purpose?  Haha. Gusto kong maniwala pero parang wala ata eh.
  131. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? Hahahahahaha last year pa to
  132. Which day from your childhood do you wish you could relive? Moments with both of my parents.
  133. How many people would you trust with your life? Isa lang.
  134. What do you take the most pictures of (food, your pet, yourself, etc.)? Yung mga lugar na pinupuntahan ko, kahit wala namang magandang tanawin.
  135. What do you consider the most beautiful thing about your personality? Mahaba pasensya ko ☺
  136. What is your spirit animal? Pusa nga.
  137. Which season do you look forward to all year long? Pasko at bagong taon.
  138. What qualities do all of your closest friends have in common? Manyak sila HAHAHAHAHAHA
  139. What song would you love to hear on your wedding day? MIRRORS!!!!! ♥
  140. Which memory do you wish you could erase from your mind? Siguro yung thought na, pinagpalit ako sa iba haha kasi araw araw pa rin akong pinapatay.
  141. When was the last time you cried inside of a bathroom stall? Last last week.
  142. What have you been putting off for far too long? These memories I’ve been holding on for so long.
  143. Which person never fails to put a smile on your face? Ian ♥
  144. Which book have you reread again and again? wala
  145. What is the most romantic proposal story you have ever heard? wala
  146. Can you honestly say that you love yourself? I DO NOT.
  147. Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with just one person? Oo ☺
  148. What is one thing you absolutely won’t compromise or sacrifice for a relationship? Pangarap.
  149. Do you believe that love can make people overcome their differences? Oo naman ☺
  150. Fast forward 30 years, where do you see yourself? Sana nasa Japan na ako neto.
  151. What does commitment mean to you? Commitment? Hahahahahahahahahaha yun yung di ka bibitawan basta basta hahahahahahaha
  152. In your opinion, what is considered cheating? Pag may ginagawa siya na sinasadya niyang hindi mo malaman haha cheating na agad yon
  153. If you were tempted to be unfaithful would you? Ngayon pa nga lang unfaithful na ako eh
  154. Is trust something you think can be rebuilt? Or when it’s destroyed, it’s gone for good? It can’t be rebuilt, but it’s not gone for good as well. May tira-tira pa ring fragments yan. Pwede, but it will never be the same.
  155. How do you comfort the people you care about when they’re upset? Usually nagme-meme lang ako sa kanila haha tas ayun pagtatawanan na ako, di na sila galit.
  156. What do you want emotionally from a partner? Assurance!! Security!! Intimacy!!
  157. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? JAPAAAAAN
  158. Would you rather live in one place for a very long time or live in many places and move around? Move around. Hindi ako makuntento na stuck lang sa isang lugar.
  159. What does intimacy mean to you? Pag meron kayong connection na di ko maexplain, basta yung something na sa kanya mo lang naoopen yung sarili mo.
  160. What are the things you say that are sometimes different from what you mean? (If you say nothing is wrong, do you usually mean it?) Hmmm sinasabi ko lang na wala akong pake, bahala ka sa buhay mo haha pero deep inside super sakit na, ganern.
  161. What do you think is the best way to solve conflicts? Habaan ang pasensya at pang-unawa ☺
  162. How do you feel about faith and spirituality? It comes naturally, hindi ipinipilit.
  163. What does family mean to you? Family is like a home, your comfort place.
  164. Do you like kids? No.
  165. Do you want kids of your own? I can’t see myself having a kid.
  166. If you were to have children, how would you raise them? Ipupush ko sila sa arts, and wisdom.
  167. What type of people would you wish your children would be? ….
  168. What does forever mean to you? Kung andyan siya sa tabi mo even at your worst moments.
  169. Which astrological sign do you never want to date? Why? Virgo at Libra hahaha, kasi, I know them so well ☺
  170. Which TV family reminds you the most of your own family? Kadenang Ginto, charot.
  171. What kind of personalities are you the most uncomfortable around? Bipolar huhu
  172. Are you usually the one who cares more or who cares less? Cares less.
  173. What’s the worst fuckboy experience you have ever personally gone through? HAHAHAHAHAHA pm mo na lang ako para malaman mo.
  174. What is one thing you hope you accomplish by the end of the year? Makapunta ng Japan.
  175. Who do you think you deserve an apology from? Ex-bestfriend ko.
  176. Do you check your Instagram stories to see if someone specific watched them? Who? HAHAHAHAHAHA oo, gusto ko malaman kung ni-view ni crush yung stories ko.
  177. Since you’ve turned 21, what’s the longest amount of time you have gone without drinking? 1 week. Enough na yon! haha
  178. What music do you listen to when you need background noise? Taylor Swift
  179. What was the most abnormal thing about your childhood? Buong childhood ko abnormal.
  180. Has anyone ever given you an actual reason why they broke up with you? What was it? Isang beses ko pa lang naman naranasan yung breakup. I think he gave a semi-actual reason naman. SEMI
  181. Have you ever dated someone while you were still in love with someone else? YASSS
  182. Are you in any one-sided friendships? I’ve been there, and ayoko na ulit!
  183. Which restaurant do you wish existed in your state? Hmmm wala naman.
  184. What are the most encouraging words your parents have ever spoken to you? Wala na akong maalala.
  185. Who is the most famous celebrity you have ever met in person? Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, yun pa lang closest encounter ko haha
  186. When you read the newspaper (or a magazine) what is the first section you flip to? Horoscope hahahaha joke lang
  187. How do you think you’ve changed the most since you were in high school? Mas naging tamad nga ako ngayon.
  188. Have you ever bullied someone? Never.
  189. Has your favorite color changed since you were a kid? Yellow dati. Red na ngayon.
  190. Which canceled television series do you wish they would bring back for one more season? Wala
  191. Which 90s show do you wish they would reboot on Netflix? Voltes V
  192. What excuse do you most commonly use to get out of plans? Ayyy nakatulog ako eh.
  193. Would it be easier for you to give up your phone or your laptop? Laptop
  194. In your opinion, what is the worst way for someone to propose? Sa harap ng maraming tao juskooooooo
  195. What’s the weirdest app you have on your phone? SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR
  196. What is one thing you should know how to do by your age, but still can’t figure out? SENSE OF PURPOSE
  197. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to? Wala, happy na ko sa pangalan ko.
  198. What classic book do you hate? wala
  199. How many friends from childhood do you still keep in touch with? wala
  200. Do you consider yourself a strong person? hindi
  201. Do you like movies that make you cry? Or do you avoid them? I avoid them lalo na pag sa aso huhu
  202. How many times have you truly hated someone? Who? The president hahahahaha
  203. What is your favorite word in the English language? Alexithymia.
  204. Do you prefer saying goodbye or ghosting? Saying goodbye.
  205. What is the most bizarre thing you consider a deal-breaker when dating? PAG DDS
  206. As a teenager, did you ever get detention? Why? No.
  207. What are your most commonly used emojis? -_-
  208. What are some emojis other people use all the time that you have never used once? yung 100 basta ayun, di ko makita eh
  209. What’s the closest you have come to marrying someone? That 1 year relationship.
  210. How much thought have you put into your future wedding? Actually ang nasa isip ko pa lang nun, gusto ko may song and dance number kaming dalawa, tas Mirrors ang kanta. Tsaka gusto ko may banda para concert ang feels ng kasal.
  211. What phrase did you once use ironically, but has now become a part of your vocabulary? Competitors.
  212. What color pen do you prefer writing in? Red
  213. Not who, but what, do you miss? Those things we used to do.
  214. What is your favorite roller coaster you have ever ridden? Wala, I hate it
  215. Would you want to date someone exactly like you? No HAHAHAHA
  216. Has a pickup line ever worked on you? Wala. I love you nga di gumagana sakin eh, haha
  217. Do you consider yourself an old soul? YASSS
  218. If you could go back and relive one year from your childhood, which year would it be and why? 2007, itatama ko lahat ng mga katamaran ko nung year na yun haha e di sana naging honor student ako.
  219. If you had to switch your career path right now to something totally different – and money was going to be no issue at all – what would you choose to do for a living? Gusto kong magsulat ng magsulat, gusto kong mag-organize ng mga concert, gusto kong magtrabaho ng related sa history!
  220. If you could find out exactly what your life was going to be like in ten years from now, would you want to know? Kung makakapag-asawa ba ako?
  221. If Hogwarts was real and your child received a letter, would you let them go? Sure!!
  222. If you were going to live in a nice, average house but one room in the house could be absolutely incredible, modern, and beautiful – which room would you choose? Bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, etc? Bedroom, tas cuddle lang buong araw hihi
  223. If you were given the option to give $10 million to charity or to take $5 million for yourself, which option would you choose? $5 million tayo mumsh, pwede pa rin naman akong mag-share sa charity nun.
  224. If you could redo just one decision of your life (so far), which decision would you alter? School/course ko nung college
  225. If you could learn the answer to one of history’s unsolved mysteries, which one would it be? Sinong nagpapatay kay Aquino, ganern.
  226. If you had to lose one of your five senses, which one would it be? Sense of taste.
  227. If you could be an Olympic gold medalist, what sport would you want it to be in? Figure skating.
  228. If you could be on the writing staff of any tv show in the world, current or from the past, which show would you want to be a writer for? Biyahe ni Drew
  229. If you had the option of choosing between a chauffeur, a live-in chef, a personal stylist, a masseuse, and a round-the-clock assistant for the rest of your life – at no cost to you – which option would you go with? Round-the-clock assistant, ni Bruno ☺
  230. If you could go back in time and tell off someone who hurt you, who would it be, and what did they do? Ex-bestfriend ko, ah eh, basta, grabe yung impact niya sakin nun.
  231. If you could get a free one-hour life counseling session from any celebrity or famous person in the world, who would you choose? Bruno Mars!!
  232. If you had the opportunity to learn exactly what every person in your life really thinks about you, would you take it? Wag na lang, ayoko ma-prejudice.
  233. Aside from water, if you could only drink one other beverage for the rest of your life (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), what would it be? San Mig Super Dry
  234. If you had to give up one of your limbs in exchange for there being a cure for cancer, would you do it? YES
  235. If you said yes to the question above, would you still do it if no one ever found out that you’re the reason cancer was cured? YES
  236. If you could get a $10,000 raise right now but it would decrease all of your coworkers’ salaries by $1,000 each (and they never knew it was your fault), would you do it? NO
  237. If you could choose any super power in the world, what would you choose? Time travel, or UNDO button haha
  238. If you had to cut off all communication with one of your close family members for five years, who would it be? Pwede ba sa lahat na lang ng kamag-anak ko?
  239. If you had to read one celebrity memoir over and over again for the rest of your life, whose book would you pick? Wala.
  240. If you could accomplish any heroic feat in the world but no one would ever know it was you (solve world hunger, instigate world peace, etc), what would you choose? Climate change and destruction of natural resources.
  241. If someone paid you a million dollars to wear the same exact outfit every day for the rest of your life, would you do it? Ok lang.
  242. If you could be a famous athlete, model, comedian, or serious actor, which option would you choose? Model.
  243. If you had to settle down in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be? JAPAN
  244. If there was only one insult word you could use against people for the rest of your life, which word would you pick? Tanga.
  245. If you could talk to any type of animal in the world, what would you choose? CAT!!
  246. How would you spend your free time if you could never watch tv, read a book, or spend any of your time on any smart device ever again? Travel!!
  247. If you had to marry a celebrity who was the opposite of the gender you’re normally attracted to, who would you pick? Lauren Jauregui.
  248. Taking a shower, brushing your teeth, washing your clothes. You can only pick 2 out of the 3 for the rest of your life. Go. Shower. Teeth. Iba na lang ang maglalaba ng damit ko :p
  249. Would you rather have an infinite number of good friends, or two incredible, loyal, absolute best friends? Inifinite number of good friends. Para pag iniwan ako, hindi masyadong masakit.
  250. If you could only communicate with one other person for the rest of your life – other than your significant other – who would you choose? Wala akong mapili. Gosh.


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