Your Article Is One Of The Best – TNC Other News Awards 2019


Hello, dear readers! As promised, we will award articles that give different side of the news. This is TNC Other News Awards 2019.

From unlimited articles being published by 97 awesome bloggers who follow this site (as of this writing), the author picked Top 100 Articles for 2019. Out of 100 articles, the author picked the best articles that embody the ideals of the site.

This is to also express apologies for delaying this so many times. But now, here it is.

This is exclusively for TweetNewscaster’s followers, but other articles from non-followers are also accepted with qualifications (which as of now, none submitted). Any or all of the following criteria are used in selecting the articles:

  1. Is it funny?
  2. Will it push everybody to do something good?
  3. Does it show the other side of the news?
  4. Does it lift the mood of his/her readers?

I’ll give the reasons…

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