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– Thank the person that nominated you
– Answer the questions from the person that nominated you
– Nominate some other bloggers for this award
– Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated
– Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

Β Thank you very much Ate Aysa for nominating me πŸ™‚ I’m too late again to respond (still lazy af) hahaha. For sure each of my followers knows her – ‘the most friendliest blogger’ here on WordPress ☺ hahaha


– What made you start a blog?
2012 when I made an account on Tumblr, for school purposes (all in all we had three subjects which required us to blog XD) we wrote some articles/essays, nothing personal.
I ‘formally’ start blogging when I stop studying in school (2013), that’s the only thing I could do that time. I have no one to share my problems with, and I don’t want to share my problems to the people I known personally, so I started to post my problems online. Crazy. My topics includes family, school, crush, and problems that I shouldn’t matter but still stresses me. Lol.
I was brought here in WordPress when my Tumblr account got terminated. (2015)

– Who/what inspired you to write?
Hmmm person? Aside from myself (lol) I think it was JD who inspired me. It’s really obvious because he was my topic in almost every blog posts that I wrote.
But seriously, it was all my experiences which makes me inspire to write and write anything. Yun lang ang maitotopic ko. One day I want to look back at my written works/journal then I will brag: Wow! Pinagdaanan ko pala to? Ang galing naman, nalampasan ko to. HAHAHAHAHA
Recently I was inspired by Maine’s blog. We have the common denominator yeah! Her purpose for blogging was also to vent out her problems in life. The only difference is, she had #RichKidProblems, while I had #PooritaProblems. Hahahahaha.

– If you could travel back in time, who would you want to visit or which time period/era would you want to go back to? Why?
1. mid 1970s, Martial Law era. I like to confirm to Ferdinand Marcos himself if the words written in History books were all true, and maybe I could stop him from extending his term lolol (#FeelingSuperheroHere)
2. my elementary days, maybe I could change the way I behave πŸ˜€ I’ll tell my old self: ‘You! Stop being so lazy!’ baka sakali maging achiever na ako.

– If you would be given a chance (time, money, opportunity) to write and publish a book, what kindΒ of book would it be? (If you have a title in mind, please feel free to write it down too)
I’ll continue writing My FALL (My First and Last Love) hahahahaha 😂😂 that was the only story I wrote ever since :mrgreen: Anyways that wasn’t really a novel, it was just my journal of the happenings between me and JD ☺ written in ‘third person point of view’, yung tipong iba ang nagnanarrate sa kalandian ko, hahaha. To be honestly, I started to wrote ‘My FALL’ even before I watched ‘The Notebook’! I am proud to tell you that Nicholas and I had the same idea hahahahaha lol! I stopped of course when nothing new happens in my life. Hopefully, without him in the scene, I want to continue the story. I will make our own happy ending, though we went separate lives in real life. #Ansaklap
Plus I want to have a book that has tips/quotes/advices, similar with Lloyd Cadena’s books (I don’t know what was that genre called), or a compilation of my best/worst written works haha I am hoping someone would read that!

– If you would be given a chance (time, money, opportunity) to travel and spend a week, where would you go and why?
1. USA. I want to see Bruno Mars, up close and personal. 😍
2. North Korea. I’m curious of what’s up there haha
3. Samar and Cotabato. I want to see my siblings which I haven’t seen for so many years years. Yep.

– If you were to be a cartoon character (be it Disney or Marvel or Anime or whatever), who would you be and why?
I’m a female version of Ferb (Phineas and Ferb) in real life, but usually becomes her sister Isabella in social media/blogging world. Hahahaha.


pancake bunnykins
– and rowti :)))))


– What are the topics in your blog you usually wrote about?
– When was the time you felt you’re most satisfied with your life?
– Is it really true that first love never dies? How come?
– If you had to recommend one book/film, what would it be?
– Do you have an ‘ultimate hugot song’? What was it?
– Would you rather be a cat? Or a dog?

okay. Here we are. I hope y’all guys answer my questions too *.*

That’s all, thank you! :*

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