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” Oh, yeah.
There was no ‘us’.
I am only at this point.
Writing blog posts about you. “

I know there’s really no chance of you and I ending up together.
You’ll never like someone like me.
We two doesn’t always talk to each other.
I ain’t even sure if we’re close, or just acquaintances.

But one thing is for sure,
As long as I have this sort-of-crush on you,
You will always be my topic on this blog.
Bwahahaha. Sorry ✌

Please let me.
Let me write anything about you.
The way you do, the way you smile at me.
Including your deepest flaws, I’ll write that πŸ™‚

But this will only be temporary,
Once the time has come,
That my infatuation for you will fade,
That would be the day I’ll stop writing about you.

Hindi sinasadya, na hanapin pa ang lugar ko.
Asan nga ba ako? Nandyan pa ba sa iyo?
Nahihilo, nalilito.
Asan ba ako sayo? AASA BA AKO SAYO?

Too late response to The Daily Prompt’s “Handwriting” 😂

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