Miss Colombia-zoned Dreams

(Not related to Miss U. Pinaasa lang ako nung panaginip ko kagabi.)

LAST NIGHT I had a dream with him again. I’m at the mall (looks like The District) and I was about to take the escalators when I saw him, with a girl with nerdy glass (i’m not sure if she’s Ms. V, di ko siya gaanong namukhaan) so I walk faster and acted like I saw nothing. But he saw me then called me by my last name (that’s our CS lol). Then I told him my famous line when meeting somebody, “Ui, ikaw pala.” (Then points at him.)

I forgot what happened next. I just remembered we two went to a zipline ride. (From mall to zipline real quick!) I dunno why we’re there in the first place, and what happened to Vallejo-look-a-like woman she’s with. But the environment is very beautiful, and we’ll going to take Zipline above the waters at noontime! Weird. But, more weirder here is when we two took the zipline, instead of a straight flow, nagpaikot-ikot kami na parang sa roller coaster, yung literal na bumabaligtad! Ganern. But we’re having a good and fun time on that. (In real life, I’ve never experienced being in a zipline, even in a roller coaster) I said to him that it’s my first time, and that was my happiest ride as well.

After that zipline moment, he slowly walked away from me, and I shouted, “O ano? Lalayuan mo nanaman ako?”. Then he pulls me closer, and I embraced him. (Sori ang harot ko) Then he told me, “Ipinagpalit mo na ako?” πŸ™‚ And I woke up XD

AKALA KO TOTOONG NANGYARI NA YUN. akala ko nagkadaupang-palad na kami muli. Paasa talaga eh.

(image source)

I remember I had dreamed of him a few years ago, the same situation that I’m in the escalator then I saw him, with Ms. V. #Jealous

Well, this time it looks like he’s the jealous here. lol.

Before, everytime I had dreams like this, I used to write a scene about it and include that in my novel. But now I’m tired of this s***** imagination. Haha.

While yesterday (the other night) I dreamed about Niall Horan and Selena Gomez, kissing. Wut. I don’t like them to be together in real life. But in my dream, kinikilig ako ng bongga sa kanila nun. Wuut.



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