10.12 | Journal

– I woke up early to do the rest of our research paper.

– I should be in school today. But since Ma. Janma didnt required us to attend the class today, I end up going to Henry’s house instead of going to school, to finish our projects.

– My classmates shot their videos for the trailer in Phillit. Though they arent my groupmates, & im not included for the shoot of course, i still chose to help them in little ways (like holding the lights? :))

– Instead of finishing our research paper today, I chose to watch their shoot (Because im still lazy at that moment!).

– Ms. Janice asked about the progress of our paper. Supposedly, today is the deadline for checking the paper. But since we arent in school to pass that, and Ms. Janice is very kind, she allowed us not to attend her class so that we could finish that thing. But what am I doing? Sitting pretty there. Haha. Procastination af.

– I went home at 11PM. Nothing new here.

That sums up my day. English para maiba naman :)))))