Hi. I’m Shy!

MY PARENTS named me ‘Shaira Mae’. As I seen my mom’s pregnancy book, there are several names listed, and I think that are the choices for the name of their baby girl, ME.

– Bernadette Eloise
– Patricia Louise
– Ricci Mae
– Shaira Mae

And obviously they chose the fourth one. πŸ˜‚

I never asked them but I think they got my name from Shaira Luna. She is a very popular child during 1990s because of the Promil TV Commercial showing ‘gifted children’, and yeah she’s one of those.

‘Mae’ was added maybe para humaba lang ang pangalan ko. Hahaha. And you know what, I have met many girls, same age as me, whose names are also same as mine! Haha maybe we all have the same reason :p

I could say that I and Shaira Luna have similarities in life. When I was young, like her, I am very excellent in Science and Mathematics so everyone thought I’ll pursue Engineering or Accountancy or other related course. But no. I chose AB Communication, very far from my personality (like I’m an Introvert and I’m not good in English and my speaking skills also is very bad). I never expected I will be brought here. Some said this wasn’t the right thing for me. But I didn’t regret being on this field. πŸ™‚

People also thought that Shaira Luna would be a doctor when she grow up because she is really a brilliant kid! But fate bring her to what she didn’t like doing before – Photography. Now she is very famous in that field, her shots are really beautiful! And her customers are mostly big names from the industry: celebrities like Ramon Bautista, etc, as well as politicians like Bongbong Marcos. I wish I could be as successful as her someday, in this path I chose to take.

So it’s also obvious that my nickname is Shai/Shy, which also reflects my personality. *cries*

There are times I like to change my name, but there’s no particular name I want to have.Β Medyo kuntento na ako sa alyas na ‘Shairang Mahiyain’. lol

7 thoughts on “Hi. I’m Shy!”

  1. Hahaha ang ‘deep’ din nitong comment mo πŸ™‚ pero ang galing no kasi yung pangalan natin naisasakto sa kung anong personality ang meron tayo πŸ˜€

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  2. Sabi nga, sa pangalan natin nagrereflect ang ugali natin. Hindi lang natin siguro namamalayan. Kahit na pangit or ayaw natin yung pangalan natin may meaning yan sa pagkatao natin. Dig deeper lang hahaha

    Like me, “Angel” diba? Diba ang angel sila yung guardian? So parang ganon din ako sa mundong ito. Ako yung guardian ng mga kaibigan ko. Kung baga ako yung kunsensya nila. Depende na lang if bad yon or good yung sasabihin ko sa kanila. Dahil nga ako yung kunsensya nila, trabaho ko yun para i-guide sila sa kung ano-ano. Pero depende na lang. Hahahahaha! Lol

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