High School Life

IN LIFE we experience happiness, sadness, etc. Even though it is a good or bad, we still cherished it and value as memories. We had the best days, and even the worst days. I will share some of my experiences when I was in high school – For me I consider it as one of the ‘best times of my life’. Later you will understand why.

I spend four years of studying at Imus National High School, located at Bucandala, Imus, Cavite. At first I don’t like there, because I heard that the students in that school are ‘bad influence’ for me. But I can’t resist my auntie’s decision to study there because first of all, she can’t afford the tuition fees in private schools. And another thing is, INHS is the nearest public school from our house. I remember my first day there, it was raining that time so the surroundings is so muddy and the canal in front of our room was overflooding. It’s a disaster.

I will also share my memories about my teachers. They have different personalities. My favorite teachers at that time are my teachers in History (because I love studying History, especially the time where the Philippines had Martial Law, and also EDSA Revolution). Even though they are strict, I can jive with them so well. I like the least are the teachers in MAPEH (Music, Arts, P.E., Health). The teachers in this subject are terrors! They want us to do so many projects, activities, etc. I and my classmates called it as ‘subject na feeling major!” But then, the highest grade I got is on MAPEH – 95. When I was in fourth year, i remember my grades – 74, 93, 93, 95. In first grading I was so tardy, I’m not participating in Physical Fitness Test, so I got 74. But then on second grading I substitute my teacher to teach the subject on 3 sections for a day. It’s a part of World Teacher’s Day Celebration so I volunteered to substitute him. As a reward, he gave me 93. And in the next 2 gradings, I need to maintain my grades, so I worked very hard. There comes a time that I dance alone in a ballroom dance (which is commonly danced by partners) because my groupmates didn’t want to perform, so I take it all alone, just to pass and not to fail my grades. It’s the most embarassing time for me, but still my classmates cheered me up, so I made it. And that’s the reason I got 95%.

When I was in high school I met different kinds of people. Sometimes you have to adjust so that you can join with them. I’m thankful because I met my friends today (my classmates that time). At first I don’t hang with them because of my first impression to them. But after some time, I realized that they are the best persons in the school. Because of them, I learned to study well an not easily giving up. They helped me when I encounter problems (especially, financial problems). As we graduated, we had separate lives, but still, I wouldn’t forget them.

There are many activities that is memorable. First is the JS Prom, that event is the first in this millenium in our school. My teacher’s told us that the last Junior-Senior Promenade was in year 1999. So it’s a one-of-a-kind experience for our batch. At first I’m a little bit nervous, because I know nothing about that. But after some time, I enjoyed it, because we’re like partying. Another unforgettable moment is our graduation – of course. I’m sad because it was the end of my life being a high school student. I will face a new challenge as a college student. I remembered, my classmates were crying after graduation, but I’m not crying. Because I am the person who is not easily to cry. But it was really sad at that time that I haven’t meet my first love to greet him, because of the crowd.

In speaking of my first love, I met him when I was in my early years in high school, he’s my classmate. At first it was a joke to tell him I like him, but suddenly I fell in love, for no reason. He’s selfish, tardy, but I’m very happy when I’m with him. Then the following year, he’s not my classmate anymore, but we still meet after class, go home together, just like good friends (yas i was friend-zoned). He’s now studying in Manila and we had no communication at all. But still I treasured that moments because these moments may be happened once in our life and may not be happen again.


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