‘You will live, you will love, and you will DANCE.’

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DANCING is very common in all of us. The simple clapping of hands & tapping our feet is already a form of dance. There are so many kinds of dances today, the most popular is hip-hop, but I loved to dance the most & my most favorite is ballroom dancing! Such as jive and rumba β™₯. But anyways, what is dance? As I learned in my MAPEH subject last fourth year high school, it is considered as an art. Dance is a form of art that involves the rhythmic movement of our body with the accompaniment of music. Why do you think people dance? There are so many reasons why people do dancing. Some performed to tell & pass on myths, like in folk dances; it is danced so that we can still remember what I a Filipino culture look like. Some people dance because it’s their way of life, so that they can provide their basic necessities. Like choreographers, they earn money by teaching others to dance well. Sometimes we dance to give beauty & inspiration to others, while some only dance because of the joy they feel. But most people dance to have fun or to entertain others, such as the dancers in our generation. But in my perspective, people dance to show feelings for one of the opposite gender  Sometimes it is my reason for dancing :p

Now let’s talk about our own, the Philippine Dance. It includes all the dance forms that have been used by the Filipinos through the centuries to express themselves. These dances underwent regional transformation including the use of many dance devices such as bamboo, coconut or shell, handkerchief (castanets), native fan, scarf, hat, plate, or drinking glasses. The examples are Sinulog in Cebu, Maglalatik of Laguna, Subli of Batangas, & Pandango sa Ilaw. The following are the kinds of dances in the movements of 21st century: First is the creative dance, which is improvised the pattern of movements, & employing of twisting & shaking movements. Next is the solo dance which is performed by a single dancer to demonstrate a particular technique or style of dancing, while the ethnic dance is the indigenous dance of a community or locality. Another one is ballroom dance, also called as social dance. It is very popular dance performed by couples, or group of couples. In the other hand, the theatrical dance is a classical type, like ballet. It is performed by the highly trained dancers because it is the most sophisticated & eloquent form of dance. The most original type of dance today is breakdancing, which requires a high degree of coΓΆrdination, strength, & aggression.