Visions on Love

“ I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you “

EVERYBODY knows about love. everybody experiences it, but only few have a successful love life. most of the relationships only ends in a heartbreak. that’s why many people thought that the love was just for fun, or it’s a game. maybe it’s because of their experiences, or past relationships as our teacher said when i was in high school, there were many  types of love: Storge – affection, Philia – friendship, Eros –

romance, and Agape – unconditional love, but in reality, only some recognizesit. love is not all about boyfriend/girlfriend  thing: it is about a harmonious relationship in every sphere of  life, it means that love can also be shared to others (family, friends, neighbors, classmates, etc.). what is the best about  love? as i’ve said earlier, the eros love is the love that brings forth caring regardless of the circumstance. it is the best of all love . the only one i’m sure who gives this kind of love is GOD. he loves us even though we are sinful. so don’t say that nobody loves you. God is here to listen and help us in the obstacles of life.

my vision about love is, if you are a broken hearted (just like me, joke!), you blame all the boys because your boyfriend cheated on you, don’t lose hope. not all the boys are same, but most of them do similar things, so that’s the reason why people thought that the boys are bad. not only boys do cheating, but also the girls (have you heard about kristen stewart’s news??).

i will share a little bit about my love story. i had loved a boy (actually he’s my first love!), i  thought we can be lovers, but he doesn’t love me. after 3 years, i realized that he’s not the only one i should notice. so i decided to move on. i was too young that time when i first fell in love with him, so i believed he’s my soulmate. yes! i believe in destiny and soulmate, before. i learned that when you love someone don’t love too much, because it can hurt you also too much. give only adequate love. and my advice, please, don’t hope too much. because it’s so painful when the love disappears..!(that’s true!)

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